How the Grand Unveiling Will Work:

3pm - 6:45pm: PREVIEW SHOW

There will be NO sales or reserving of work during this time. Instead, please use this time to enjoy the show in it’s entirety. Remember where your favorites are hanging, so, if you desire, you may purchase them during the sale from 7pm-10pm. May we suggest you don’t get too attached to any ONE piece, as they tend to disappear quickly.

6:45pm - 7pm : VOLUNTEER MEETING

At this time, everyone will be asked to exit the space and form a line outside the building starting at the "Line Starts Here" sign. Please be aware that there will probably be people waiting in line BEFORE 7pm, as this is a first come, first serve process.

7pm - 10pm: SALE!

The doors will open at 7pm, and the line will make its way back into the space. Please remove paintings CAREFULLY, and only remove paintings you are DEFINITLY going to take home. Proceed to a cashier to purchase your paintings with CASH ONLY. Correct change is much appreciated. The nearest ATM is located at the Doug Fir Lounge, one block West on Burnside.

When you have finished browsing/purchasing, please allow others to see the show, by moving outside and enjoying the silent auction and live music.


Each artist created a 20" x 20" painting to be auctioned silently at the show.

Instructions for participating in the auction:

1. Go to the "Silent Auction Table" and fill out a bidder form to receive your bidder number

2. Select work that you are interested in.

3. Place your bid at the auction table. There is a bidder sheet corresponding to each painting.

4. Write your name, bidder # and bid amount on the next available line.

5. At 9:00 pm, the bidding will close and highest bidder will win.

6. Art can be picked up at OM Tradition Arts on Sunday, Aug. 3rd, during the ”Hidden Gems” show between 6pm - 8pm. Again, cash only please.

Sunday, Aug. 3rd, 6pm - 8pm: HIDDEN GEMS SHOW

Come enjoy all the remaining paintings, bring friends that missed the show, make purchases in a quieter environment, and pick up your auction paintings. All paintings will still be $31 and only cash will be accepted.

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